Keyword Gap Analysis Strategy And Tools

Keyword Gap Analysis – Boost Website Traffic and Ranking

Digital marketing is a never-ending race. It is the race with no guaranteed winner, at some point, you can be on the top while the next moment you are struggling to even crack the top 10s. To not only survive but strive in this always competitive field one must have clever tricks up their sleeve. Keyword Gap Analysis tool is best for for domain to boost traffic and ranking.

Keywords are a smart way to drive traffic on your website. Using the right keywords can help boost your website’s traffic and ultimately your profit.

What is the keyword gap analysis?

For any website to stay on top of this heavy competition, it should be using all the essential keywords driving the most traffic. In this ocean of keyword, it is nearly impossible to remember all the keywords off the top of your head. A lot of times, we miss some keywords that other domains are using enjoying heavy traffic from.

Keyword gap analysis is the process of finding the essential keywords being used by your competitors which are driving traffic to their site. With the help of this tool, you can stay up to date with the keywords you are missing on and therefore stay at the top of the game.

Strategy for keyword gap analysis

Know your competitors

Knowing all your competitors is an important criterion for gap analysis. Manually finding all the domain group is an extremely tiring and time-consuming process. There are several tools made for this specific process. This tool such as SEMRush curates a complete list of your main organic domains with information about the keywords being used by them.

Performing gap analysis ?????

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