Metropolitan Area Networks – an overview

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Computer networks have evolved greatly over the years. In this modern-day and age, there are multiple types of networks like Metropolitan Area Network that satisfy specific requirements for millions of various users.

What’s a Metropolitan Area Network?

A Metropolitan Area Network is a computer network based in a metropolitan or city area, through a connection of multiple LAN. It can access by point to point connections. By combining smaller LAN networks, MANs have the ability to extend to a geographical area of 5 to 50 km. It is sufficient for the network requirements of a city. This interconnection of networks across the city may also end up facilitating connections to WAN.

Use of MAN technology

MANs are particularly useful for the purpose of sharing resources specific to regions, assisting in the quicker and segmented flow of data and information. Furthermore, MANs can connect multiple computers and networks to serve as an Internet Service Provider. This is because of which the internet service provided by a telephone company falls under the category of a MAN connection. A Metropolitan Area Network is smaller than the area covered through WANs. It is much bigger than the connectivity capabilities of a LAN.

Working methodology of MAN

The working mechanism of a MAN is quite similar to that of an Internet Service Provider. However, it is not owned by a single organization. A MAN delivers a joint and shared network connection to all of its users based on a data link layer. This data link layer is classified as a Layer 2 of the OSI model. It is also known as Open Systems Interconnection.

The primary goal of a MAN is to establish a connection between geographically separated LANs. It means that a MAN seeks to form a communication link between two independent LAN nodes. It establishes using optical fibers cables. In order to refresh memory, a switch is responsible for filtering data inflowing in the shape of frames. The switch lies as one of the fundamental components as it is actively responsible for dual tasks. At one end, it filters data and on the other end, it manages the connection.

Types of MAN technologies


Fiber Distribution data interface is a standard for data transfer in context to a LAN and it can assist in transmitting the data of thousands of users. It uses optical fiber for its primary infrastructure; hence the name fiber distributed data interface.


Switched multi-megabit data service allows the transfer of data through a connectionless service. It is the state of data transfer when the information and data stores in the head and then it reaches

its specific destination in an independent manner.


Asynchronous Transfer Mode is the most frequently used MAN technology. However, ATM is a digital transfer technology to transfer real-time data over an individual network. In ATM, the data stores in specific and fix-size packets transferring overtime.



Serverless Architecture — Complete Reference Guide

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In today’s tech market, serverless computing is gaining huge popularity. All the businesses are turning towards the platform for expanding their sales. This concept evolves from the Backend-as-a-Service which has now become a focal point for all the businesses and engineers who are persuading with the cloud computing solutions.

Serverless computing has recently launched a new service called Lambda. Rather than loading the entire application coding part in a container, students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can directly put into Lambda. After this, the code sits there and goes in an inactive state until any outside events trigger. Later, the Lambda service executes the application by bringing up the app from inactivity. Once your application completes the task, the code is removed from the Lambda service automatically.

Vital things to know before using the serverless platform

Moving the responsibility upward

The quick upward development of the responsibility interface by serverless computing is becoming natural to the designers. After all, the Amazon Web Services hand over their official responsibility at the hypervisor level. At that point, the responsibility of the client to check the right instance type, load the application code and take the virtual machines in stock runs easily. The containers provide a flexible execution environment which is lightweight and increase the hardware utilization by promoting quicker instantiation.

Compatibility Errors

Research has been conducted which shows that half of the examination members were utilizing the serverless platforms. If students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur prefer to switch to serverless computing, then they must ensure fantastic working for new applications. Moreover, there are variant risks which prevent the developers to achieve their expected outcome. That is why; it is prescribed to start without any preparation instead of porting into a serverless framework.

Manage the workload

Serverless computing is designed to combine traditional and big data workloads by providing advanced real-time support and analytics. Despite the fact that serverless computing abandons the push to put resources into the foundation, the majority of the cloud virtual frameworks run continuously without doing any profitable work.

High availability

All of the applications under serverless computing are fault-tolerant. There is no need for the students of Computer Science at Top Engineering Colleges to architect different capabilities, as the services behind the applications offer the same. Also, there is no need for more or less provisioning capacity.

Customer benefits

The benefits of this type of computing consider when the organizations depend on the focus-edge to send new and energizing versions quickly. Serverless cloud computing is making it easier for users to provide a personal storage backend. It includes Google Drive and Dropbox. Here, the client-side caching is smoother and provides a positive offline user experience. However, the serverless computing implementation does not cost a fortune to the enterprises as they only pay for what they use.



Easy Ways to Protect Your Business Against Hackers

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If you have just started your business, you might not be aware of dealing with the black hat hackers. Research has been conducted which shows that around 43% of cyber attacks (hacking) target small businesses. On the other hand, other researchers say that 60% of all online attacks target small and midsize businesses.

Students of Computer Science Engineering must understand that it is not their product that needs to be compromised. It is their personal information including their bank accounts, credit cards, or sometimes, the customers’ credit card. At the initial stages of your business or startups, it can be quite disastrous.

If students of Top MBA Colleges build a robust information security system in their office, their data can also be hacked while traveling. There are cases when protecting all these become too expensive for their business to afford. But you do not need to worry; there are plenty of affordable options for your company’s protection:

Make your passwords secure or use a password app.

It is difficult for any person to remember or to think up random passwords. A password app makes both those tasks a breeze. LastPass and Dashlane offer free and paid versions for both macOS and Windows. Both applications protect your passwords and make it easy for the students of Top Engineering Colleges to access their accounts from devices they trust.

Have all employees encrypt their hard drives with built-in programs

Hacking is not just about illegal accessing data through the web; it can also be more immediate. Any person can simply steal one of your office computers and have access to a store of valuable data.

That is why; students of B Tech Colleges should encrypt their data so that it is only accessible with a password. Both Mac and Windows have built-in functions that accomplish this. Mac users should turn on File Vault in System Preferences. On the other hand, Windows users should use BitLocker.

Do not use text messages, use a messaging app

Messages you send over text are vulnerable to hacking. Instant messaging apps provide end-to-end encryption to make sure conversations about financial information or intellectual property are truly private. WhatsApp and LINE are both great free options. Users can also use them for voice calls, saving money on the phone bill as well.

Set your operating system to auto-update

Companies are constantly offering updates that enhance the security of apps and operating systems they build. Students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur must have their employees set all company devices to update automatically. It will ensure that they are never unnecessarily vulnerable to attacks.

Secure your internet with a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

While using the internet in public places, students of Information Technology are exposed to other people on the same wireless network. Using a VPN on your laptop and phone encrypts your internet data and protects you from data thieves. With a VPN, individuals assure secure communication.


In conclusion, it is said that a person does not have to spend a lot of money to ensure their protection against hacking threats for their business. Sometimes, it knows where and when you and your employees are in the highest danger, and then taking simple steps and creating good habits to prevent the worst from happening.



Outsourcing Tips – Things to Consider When Developing

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It is obvious for the startups to outsource some parts of their software development. There is a host of reasons why most startups resort to outsourcing rather than hiring an in-house software developer. The reasons could range from cost, the need for different expertise, a lack of time to develop the software alone, to the need to put the task in more experienced hands.

There are key factors a startup entrepreneur should consider before taking diving into outsourcing software development. Below is a rundown of some of those key considerations startups should consider.

Nature of the Software

Before outsourcing software development to another company, it is significant for the experts graduated from MBA Colleges in Jaipur to understand their key competencies. It means important qualities deemed by the company that an employee should possess. The rule of thumb is that an individual cannot outsource their key competency/competencies whatever the circumstances.

Similarly, a good practice is only to outsource operational products like reservation systems or process automation. For creative products like chip design programs, consumer games, or architectural renderings, do them in-house.

Technology standard

Outsourcing is also depending on the establishment of the technology standard of the software. If interested professionals intend for the technology to feature the most up-to-date technologies, then they need to do it in-house. However, simple software helps them to opt for the lowest cost solution which is outsourcing.


Cost is among the most essential considerations when it comes to getting any service or product. Outsourcing may provide a cheaper cost depending on what aspirants of Top MBA Colleges or freelance entrepreneurs want to accomplish. While considering outsourcing, always think about the costs in the short-run versus the long run. Usually, outsourcing tends to provide better costs in the short run, but may not in the long run.

Intellectual Property Considerations

While preparing to entrust the software development to a different independent company, it is significant for a person starting their startup plans to understand legal jurisdictions. They must fortify their intellectual property against any theft and misuse by coming up with contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

Ability to get the skills required

Most businesses need the input of a diverse range of resources and skills which willing candidates of Best MBA Colleges might not be able to acquire full time. For instance, you might not be able to afford software architects, designers, and testers as full-time employees. The beauty of outsourcing is that it will permit you to access the resources when and as you need them.


In conclusion, if a young entrepreneur has a typical startup and they agree with their co-founders to work on the first product without pay is completely fine. Software outsourcing in such a case may not be appropriate.

However, if your firm is not software-oriented and you need some software-related work to be done, you can consider outsourcing rather than hiring a team of software developers.



Devices & Tools to Make Day-to-Day Life Easier

Gadgets That Make Life Easy For Visually Challenged.jpeg

Starting college can be exciting at first and then as the happiness of a new environment starts wearing off, and school work starts piling up, it becomes discouraging and stressful. However, BTech students can keep the excitement going with the purchase of cool tech gadgets. It enhances different educational activities and makes things easier.

With the beginning of a new term or semester, individuals set their goals and ambitions for the school. It does not matter if their graduation countdown has started already or they are a freshman. There are some gadget helpers to assist and gear students of Information Technology towards goal achievement while making the most out of their college experience.

Smart Notebook

If you are a particular note-taker or prefers making notes by hand; then this is a real discovery. Students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can take notes with this cool, smart notebook, and it will be translated into digital form immediately. With this, they do not have to type their notes into gadgets after taking them down in writing. It is to write on a provided notepad with a smartpen. It appears in digital form on their connected device. Now, they can access their notes on their device at any time and even share them when required.

Bluetooth CofeeMaker

Every student has to face situations where they really want to study, but their body reflects their own ideas. Students of Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan can arm themselves with lots of study fuel with this cool Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker. This technology will keep them entertaining and keep their roommate full of gratitude. In other words, they can even start brewing their coffee from wherever they are. People just have to download the controlling app on their phone.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Living in a crowded environment like a dorm can be quite difficult, especially when students of BTech Colleges in Jaipur are trying to study or concentrate and there are lots of distractions. They can avoid this kind of situation by getting noise-canceling headphones to help them study without disturbance. However, this device has cushioned ear cups that cuts off high noise and external sounds. Users are required to put on their headphones and turn on the noise-cancellation feature.


This is very similar to the Smart Notebook. However, it is an interestingly different and innovative writing tool that records and writes spoken words on special paper. This new technology can record lectures, take notes and even synchronize both text and speech.

Solar Backpack

This is one of the most interesting tech gadgets for students. With a solar backpack, students can carry their laptops, books, smartphone, etc. and keep all their gadgets charged. However, they are durable and waterproof and can charge gadgets quickly. It only requires a few hours under solar light to be able to generate electricity.


There are lots of other cool and useful gadgets to make your stressful studies more exciting. However, the usefulness of gadgets varies from student to student depending on needs and preferences. Gadgets can help students of the Best Engineering Colleges improve their learning process and makes learning more fun and endearing.



Project-Planning Tips to Help You Meet Your Goals

Project management software to meet your goals.png

In a highly competitive world, it is difficult for a business manager or MBA graduates to organize their tasks efficiently. Fortunately, with the advent of team collaboration and task management software, it has become quite easy. Therefore, task management applications defined as a platform that coordinates and organizes everything together. Thus, this type of software has become essential for most organizations to keep their workflow smooth.

Generally, task management software is used by team leaders and managers to provide information related to different projects. However, it offers an easy-to-use interface schedule events or tasks. Also, it helps to track different tasks performed by the students of Top MBA Colleges. Moreover, it provides an immediate picture of the task which will increase their productivity.

Benefits of using task management software

Using task management software ensures the efficient working of the tasks. In other words, it helps the students of MBA Colleges to organize their professional work and increase their productivity. It also boosts team coordination. This software can be used to lessen the number of errors in work by constant progress tracking. The Undermentioned are some of them:


ActiveCоllаb is a powerful yet simple project management and collaboration tool. It combines tasks management, time tracking, and billing into one easy-to-use and well-designed application. This keeps all the data in one place and helps students of MBA Colleges in Rajasthan to communicate, stay informed and see what they need to work on next. It also allows them to share files, brainstorm, and discuss important topics and more.


Trello utilizes the concept of boards and within boards. There are cards that represent tasks performed d by the students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur. However, this card contains lists used to track the progress of the project or to simply categorize things. It is well integrated and reasonable prices. It is one of the most attractive project management and collaboration systems available on the internet.


Smartsheet is a leading enterprise collaboration solution for companies. It offers an innovative way to collaborate on projects and processes. However, it can access from any browser or device. Smartsheet effectively melds the ease of use of a spreadsheet with visual timeline management, collaborative file sharing, and discussions, and automated workflow capabilities.


Redbooth is a communication and collaboration platform that boosts the productivity of thousands of organizations all around the world. It accelerates productivity across the workforce. However, the platform focuses on work management, collaboration, and real-time communication.


Basecamp is a real-time communication tool that helps students of Best Colleges for MBA stay on the same page. However, it is less for traditional project management tasks. With to-do lists, calendaring, dates and file sharing, it provides a way for teams to track priorities and actionable items.



Innovative Strategies to Hire Best Talent Off-campus

Ideas to innovate your campus recruiting.jpg

College Campus Recruitment drive offers employers and students the perfect opportunity to interact and explore or opportunities for working together. When included in the hiring process, they become stepping stones to success, for students and recruiters. However, student recruitment events can also be very competitive and stressful environments for the latter.

When it comes to campus recruitment, companies need to think ahead to attract and keep the attention of potential candidates of Top Engineering Colleges. They need to evaluate them quickly and efficiently to see if they will be a good fit. Screening candidates and marketing their employer brand at the same time can be a challenge. But an effective campus placement strategy can help.

Be clear about your campus recruiting needs

Spotting great potential is natural especially for experienced recruiters, but a campus recruitment strategy with a clear set of parameters is equally helpful. At campus recruiting fairs, companies must list exactly what positions they are hiring for and what they are looking for in interns, part-time employees or entry-level workers.

Use an Applicant Tracking System with smart filters for student recruitment and classify students according to these factors, quickly and efficiently

Use social media wisely

Include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in your hiring process to promote upcoming career program students of B Tech Colleges will be attending, and share posts about their company’s mission, goals and work culture. They must reach people while hanging out, to attract better talent and spread the word quickly. This will provide students an insight into their brand, without any stalking to the potential recruits.

Mobilize your careers page

In today’s time, tech-savvy students want to work with companies that are up-to-date with modern technology. Most of them also conduct job searches through mobiles and handheld tablet devices before attending student recruitment programs. In addition, students of BTech Colleges in Jaipur must ensure that their company’s career site is mobile-optimized for student recruitment.

On the other hand, companies must ensure that their campus recruitment strategy is integrated with mobile recruiting software. It will simplify online applications and allows them to track hiring progress constantly.

Start building a rapport

Students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur might be nervous or shy during their placement process. Therefore, they must introduce themselves and initiate conversations. To get them talking, companies need to ask about their fields of interest and future plans, or introduce their brand or company at and ask if they would like to learn more about it.

Represent the company brand

The employer brand should be reflected in every aspect of your campus recruiting booth. It creates a strong visual image for students of private engineering colleges to associate with you. Use the company logo and colors throughout the assigned space, as well as any stationery and items they are giving away during student recruitment events. In order to create a positive impression and ensure the focus. Companies need to keep the campus recruiting booth neat and clutter-free.