How to Fix Windows 10 Photos App File System Error

Windows 10 Photos App File Error

What is Windows 10 Photos App File System Error

Windows is a developing platform; with every day it comes up with some new bugs and new updates to fix them. If you are a windows user and suddenly you are unable to open any photos using the Windows 10 photos app viewer. After trying it for few times it just shows a file system with an error message. If you have already given your shot after doing a reset, repair, troubleshoot, and nothing worked.

Things to consider

The first and foremost thing you can do is check for the updates. And for that you can check in update and security option. Even after doing that if you are unable to open the photos with Windows 10 photos app then here are some method which you can use to resolve it.

Here are some proven methods: –

Method 1

Go to Start, click Settings > System > Apps & Features. now click on ‘Windows 10 Photos app’

Under Advanced options, you’ll find the reset button.

This will allow you to reset the App. Once it’s done, restart the PC.

Now check if you can view the pictures now. If it didn’t work then you can use another method.

Method 2

Click on the Search button

Type Run to open a RUN window. Type Services.msc and hit enter.

It will pop-up a new window with a list of options.

Find “Windows licence manager” and double click it.

There in the General settings, you will see “StartUP” and click on it.

There you will see “startup type” change it from “disabled” to the “manual” option.

Then click on the apply button. Click on status type. Later change it to the running. Click ok.

Now you can open your photos using the photos viewer app. If it doesn’t work then you can try another proven method to resolve it.

Method 3 ?????

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Best Rank Tracking Software to Check Google Keyword Rankings

Rank Tracking Software

If you want to rank your website on a search engine like google then the first and foremost thing you need to do is to find the right keyword using available online tools. After that you must analyse the performance of the keyword and track down the rank on the search engine with best Rank Tracking software.

And when we talk about rank tracking software’s there are too many names. However, the real question arrives which the best software is out of all. If you want to know the best software to track down the rank of your keyword, then this article is for you.

Here are some best software’s available for your work: –


SEMrush is One of the popular and most trusted rank tracking software by many SEO experts. It’s a complete solution for all your SEO tasks. To check which keyword is ranking you must enter your website URL or the individual URL of a blog post. After that it will show you which keywords you are currently ranking for. You can further click on any resulting keyword to check keyword competition and other details.
Semrush provides a free trial for 14 days then after you can pay for the usage. There are tonnes of features available in the software, reason it is considered the best.

AccuRanker Rank Tracking Software

Accuranker is another software for checking the keyword ranking on the google however its is paid from the starting. The good thing about the Accuranker is it’s UI interface which is quite ease to use. Another good thing with accuranker is that it is friendly with other search engines like Yandex and Bing.

Ahrefs Rank Tracking Software ?????

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How Online Education Becomes The Future of India

How Online Education Becomes The Future of India

Online Education

Gone the days when the learning or teaching limited to a classroom only. In this 21st century, where technology is changing day by day and things are going digital even the education become digital now.

For those who want to pursue their further studies however not able to manage to attend their classrooms due to their job or for some other reasons. They can and are already taking online education source to pursue their distance education. Even for some reason’s students of any college or schools are not able to attend the classrooms in person they can access their classes through internet.

Reasons why online education is becoming future

Time efficient

So many platforms in India which dedicated for the online learning only. Any one from anywhere can participate in online streaming or download the media for later. This somehow becomes time efficient for both the leaner as well as the tutor. Learner does not have to travel all the way to tutor. And tutor can provide classes as per his/her time convenience.

Offers a variety

As we already aware that there dedicated platforms. The great thing about them is that they provide a huge variety of engineering courses / management courses and programmes that the learner does not have to look for different options.

Offers Accessibility

These education platforms provide e-mail id to their students which can be used to access the online learning videos and notes. The only thing which will be required to the user is internet. This is one of the popular advantage online education has that it is accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Earning Source ?????

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AAWP Plug In Review How To Setup

AAWP Plug In Review How To Setup

AAWP Plug-in Introduction

AAWP Plug-in is one of the top plug-ins in the market for Amazon Affiliate marketers. This tool is very helpful in making a profit off the Amazon associate websites. The AAWP offers many services to the user and is easy to use. Its easy installation and configuration make it a perfect choice for someone who is new to this field and wants to derive as much profit as any other professional.

With AAWP you are provided with the benefit of reaching all the Amazon Geo stores located all over the globe and make a profit. It also saves you from manually updating your product description by offering you the time saving auto-product updation.

AAWP supports multiple themes, you can enjoy different templates attracting wide users and helping you boost your sales.

The comparison table is the highlight of this plug-in. It allows you to create comparison tables for various products making it easier for the user to compare and choose the one suited for their requirement.

The only drawback of AAWP is its high pricing. But considering the unique features and services it offers, it can be said that this plug-in has value for money.

How to set up the AAWP Plug-in?

Here is a simple guide teaching you how to set up the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Pug-in.

Step 1: Purchase

AAWP is available for purchase online on the official site of the plug-in. It offers various paid plans with price depending upon the maximum number of sites hosted by it. After doing the payment, you will receive an email containing your receipt, a link to download the ZIP file and license key.

Step 2: Uploading the plug-in

The next step is to upload the AAWP plug-in to your website with the help of the ZIP file provided to you in the mail. Then click on the ‘Activate plug-in’ link.

Step 3: Enter API Key ?????

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Keyword Gap Analysis Strategy And Tools

Keyword Gap Analysis – Boost Website Traffic and Ranking

Digital marketing is a never-ending race. It is the race with no guaranteed winner, at some point, you can be on the top while the next moment you are struggling to even crack the top 10s. To not only survive but strive in this always competitive field one must have clever tricks up their sleeve. Keyword Gap Analysis tool is best for for domain to boost traffic and ranking.

Keywords are a smart way to drive traffic on your website. Using the right keywords can help boost your website’s traffic and ultimately your profit.

What is the keyword gap analysis?

For any website to stay on top of this heavy competition, it should be using all the essential keywords driving the most traffic. In this ocean of keyword, it is nearly impossible to remember all the keywords off the top of your head. A lot of times, we miss some keywords that other domains are using enjoying heavy traffic from.

Keyword gap analysis is the process of finding the essential keywords being used by your competitors which are driving traffic to their site. With the help of this tool, you can stay up to date with the keywords you are missing on and therefore stay at the top of the game.

Strategy for keyword gap analysis

Know your competitors

Knowing all your competitors is an important criterion for gap analysis. Manually finding all the domain group is an extremely tiring and time-consuming process. There are several tools made for this specific process. This tool such as SEMRush curates a complete list of your main organic domains with information about the keywords being used by them.

Performing gap analysis ?????

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Covid 19 Crisis Engineering Students Life Under Quarantine


Online Teaching Due to COVID-19

Some engineering students are going home because they don’t have to be here due to the virus (COVID-19). Dozens of Universities and Engineering Colleges or institutes are canceling in-person lectures in favor of online teaching.

Universities and colleges across the world are terminating teaching, moving lessons online, and even asking students to move out of campus accommodation in an attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Dozens of institutions in India are canceling in-person lessons in favor of online teaching.

On March 12th, 2020, the College community learned that Govt. issued a mandate that all schools, which includes all colleges & universities, will be closed for 14 days to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), from March 13 to March 30. The Commonwealth’s mandate also included the closure of all community centers, gyms, entertainment venues, and non-essential businesses in the County.

Operational Changes in Engineering Colleges due to COVID-19

In order to assent with this mandate, the Colleges have made the following changes to its operations:

All College offices will be closed from Friday, March 13 to Friday, March 27. Main employees expected to report to work, as instructed by their supervisors. After the ordered closure period ends on Friday, 27th March, all offices will reopen on Monday, 30th March.

As per the Government’s mandate, the closure expected to end on Saturday, 28 March. We anticipate that students will have the option of returning to campus on that date in the afternoon unless otherwise directed.

As was announced before to the Commonwealth’s mandated closure, the College’s Emergency Management Team will resume to monitor & evaluate the situation and will decide no later than Thursday, 9th April whether to resume in-person classes or not.

General Health Tips for Everyone ?????

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The Importance of Best B Tech College for a Successful Career in Engineering


Introduction of Best B Tech College

After a student is done with schooling, the most difficult decision of life arrives! The dilemma of choosing the right college and the right course is such a headache. It gives anxiety, rest and even mental problems to students. It’s very difficult to choose the Best B Tech College for engineering.

There are several B Tech Colleges and M Tech Colleges in the country. They promising many things like best campus placements, best services, and best faculty. Few of them do have all of these but many of them just make false promises. For some institutes, education is just a business and they do not care about the future of students.

Getaway with the nightmare of the dark future and not getting what you truly deserve by realizing the importance of Best B Tech College in Jaipur for a successful career!

Importance of Best B Tech College:

  1. Growth:Engineering is no joke and Btech requires some serious attention, knowledge and most importantly, guidance. Arya College is one of the Best Engineering Colleges for the B Tech Course providing the proper guidance of the course. This leads to professional and personal growth.
  2. Passion:The dedication towards the course and how serious a student gets depends on the college he/she is studying in. Arya College for Engineering Courses will make the student follow his/her passion.
  3. Better Life:Independence is what students crave for. Being successfully settled and fulfilling their dreams leads to a better life. If you pursue B Tech from Arya College in Jaipur, the one thing that you can be assured of is a better life ahead waiting for you!
  4. Turning Dreams into Reality:Giving what a student truly deserves and recognizing the talent in a candidate is the ultimate motive of Arya College. You can turn your dreams into unimaginable reality.

Conclusion ?????

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