The Most in Demand Technology Skills to Learning in 2020

Most demanding technology skills for the students to learn in 2020

In the highly competitive and advanced educational sector, there are lots of career opportunities for students. But most of them look to change their fields and get into the technology sector for better growth and development. For this, it is significant for them to know the skills they need to launch their career. Candidates can maximize their marketability by pursuing technology skills that are in great demand at top engineering colleges.

Therefore, nobody can deny from the fact that tech is a broad field, and there are lots of interesting directions for willing students. There are several in-demanding technology skills for the students to learn in 2020, they are as follows:

Artificial intelligence

AI is continuously changing the landscape of work and making it an exciting time for programmers to look for something new. The growth for AI specialists in terms of recruitment has grown 74% annually in the past 4 years. Due to the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence, top recruiters have opened several opportunities for the students of the Best Engineering College in Rajasthan.

However, most of the people confuse machine learning with artificial intelligence. Remember, AI is a broader concept pertaining to machines and designed to act intelligently like humans. On the other hand, machine learning relies on devices that make sense of a specific set of data. In the last few years, 31% of the businesses had incorporated AI in data analysis and user experience.

What AI course covers?

This Micro Masters program consists of 4 courses that explore distinct applications and aspects of Artificial Intelligence 2020. By understand the guiding concepts behind machine learning and AI, students of top engineering colleges can design their own AI programs to solve real-world problems, learn about its application in physical robotics, and explore the world of animation and CGI.

Machine learning ?????

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How to Compare Engineering Branches IT and CS

Computer Science Engineering Vs Information Technology

CSE Vs IT, Computer Science Engineering or CSE and Information technology or IT is both quite similar in some of the other ways. Students of Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan usually get confused between these two fields. This is because of the lack of understanding of the small differences and similarities between the two engineering streams.

An introduction to CSE and IT in Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

CSE is basically the study of engineering that combines the field of computer engineering and computer science. Students pursuing CSE courses can gain knowledge of the design, implementation, and management of information systems from Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan in terms of hardware and software. The aim of the CSE program is to design, develop, and troubleshoot computing devices like PCs, supercomputers, robots, smartphones, networking devices, and embedded devices. There are different subjects of CSE in engineering.

Computer Science and Engineering is different from Computer Engineering which is a Diploma Degree. It includes all the domains which come under technology like Software development, Artificial Intelligence, Microprocessors, Web development, Machine Learning, Research & Development, and so on.

Most of the branches in engineering including Telecommunication engineering, Information science and engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Electronics & communication engineering are the subsets of the Computer Science Engineering degree course.

Information Technology

Information Technology Engineering branch consists of topics in relation to information management that is, storing and retrieving information. It plays an important role in our modern-day lifestyles. Also touches every aspect of human life from small businesses to multinational companies. This course also plays a major role in the field of communication, inventory management, data management, management information systems, and customer relationship management.

IT mainly stands for Information technology, which also known as information science and engineering especially in the top engineering colleges. B.E. degree and IT is the name used by the colleges who provide a BTech degree (Bachelor of Technology).

Main Difference between Computer Science Engineering and IT ?????

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Corona Virus Outbreak How Technology Can Help us Fight

Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a great threat to mankind. The entire world is suffering a lot from this in every aspect. China was reporting the outbreak of this virus in December 2019; it was taking other countries as well into its fold one by one. As soon as the war on COVID-19 has declared. The Tech giants stepped out in full force to find out different means and methods to overcome the outbreak of this Pandemic.

In different parts of the world, various companies were brainstorming to come up with effective, feasible, and promising means and technological devices to control further spread. As a result of all these efforts, we have now incorporated Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and technology to cross this pandemic with the help of professionals of Engineering Colleges in India.

Various conglomerates all over the world have joined the round-table with WHO in order to integrate and dispense useful information to the different parts of the world. Also, most importantly they have innovative technologies that can help the world to accelerate the problem-solving phase.

Under given are some of the important factors. Which show the use of science and technology to overcome this difficult problem suffered by people all over the world.

Tracking locations

Cellular devices are the most simple and crucial technological medium. Globally, these devices made with the help of students of Top Engineering Colleges in India that used to identify and track multiple areas of public gatherings. However, some countries have strict privacy compliances where unidentified location data used to identify public spaces. In India, some companies like Larsen & Toubro have become active in combating Coronavirus. Also, they have assured deals with 20 cities to provide information on public gathering directly to the local Police.

Forecast Outbreaks

In order to get an edge over your enemy, it is important to know their next move. Therefore, in today’s time, C0VID-19 is our enemy and we should track and forecast the outbreaks with the technologies invented by B Tech Colleges in India or many engineering organizations. For instance, BlueDot is a Canadian startup that has provided the service of tracking infectious disease risks using Artificial Intelligence. It is among the first companies to step up against Corona virus outbreak.

Tech in diagnosing the virus ?????

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Online Application Form for B Tech in Electrical Engineering

Admission for B Tech in Electrical Engineering

The branch of B Tech in Electrical Engineering deals with the study of the application of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetism. The trained electrical engineers design electrical equipment and circuits. Basically, they work on large power plants and small hardware companies. It includes designing, manufacturing and operating power plants, electrical motors, industrial machinery, computer chips and ignition systems for aircraft, automobiles, space crafts, and different kinds of engines.

B Tech in Electrical Engineering – spread across a range of specialties like acoustics, speech, signal processing to electromagnetic compatibility, automobiles to vehicular technology, laser and electro-optics, robotics, ultra-sonic, geosciences and remote sensing, ferroelectrics and frequency control.

A qualified electrical engineer has the option to choose their line of work from a range of areas like computers, electronic gadgets, radars, cell phones, navigation systems, power plants, etc. The average starting salary of fresh electrical engineering graduates is Rs 4 lakh or more.

Eligibility Criteria for B Tech Electrical Engineering

Candidates can pursue Electrical Engineering from a Top Engineering College at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are some eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled by the candidates in order to pursue Electrical Engineering:

The minimum eligibility criteria to pursue Electrical Engineering from engineering college is to clear class 12 in PCM/PCMB subjects with at least 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized school or university or equivalent. Also, in order to pursue Electrical Engineering at the postgraduate level, the candidate must have a B Tech in electrical engineering degree.

Electrical engineering entrance exams

Admission to B Tech in Electrical Engineering programs in Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan is based on the entrance exam scores. Some of the engineering entrance exams include JEE Main, JEE Advanced, WBJEE, AUEET, SITEEE, VSAT, BITSAT, SRMJEEE, REAP, etc.

Electrical Engineering Courses ?????

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How to Choose Top Engineering Branch

Tips to Select Top Engineering Branch

Every year the number of graduates in engineering is increasing. This is because of the regular increase in the number of Top Engineering Colleges, top engineering branches and the trend and craze among the students and parents to pursue the technical and skillful field. Most of the students in engineering choose this because of the intolerable peer pressure. On the other hand, some of the students have a doubt for their selection in a suitable branch of engineering.

In earlier days, there were only core branches like Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. But now, time has changed. Students, today, have numerous choices and it is rapidly increasing every day. It is further increasing the confusion in selecting the best suitable choice of discipline. Even some of the aspirants or engineers are not aware of the newly introduced branches. With this, the competition among the students for jobs is also increasing.

Every year, students work hard in preparing to get a seat in top engineering colleges for them. Now, it is time to think about the list of engineering disciplines and make an offer to your own self for your career. However, choosing the wrong branch might cause you trouble and you will be left with wasting all your time, money and resources.

It is not good to make your choice based on salary packages. In the entire decision-making process, the natural aptitude and interest of a candidate play a significant role. There are several parameters to be considered before choosing your branch in engineering.

A choice must match with the passion

The chosen branch of engineering must fulfill your interest. For instance, if you have an interest in software or computer programming, you must choose computer engineering. Similarly, if you have a passion to learn about mechanics, then you should go with mechanical engineering.

Look beyond four years of graduation ?????

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What are The Strategies to Get Success in BTech Classroom

Teaching Formats in BTech Classroom

In order to continue the improvement for the educational experience for students, the B Tech Colleges are finding their ways to increase the engagement of the students by adopting new teaching formats as alternatives to the traditional lecture. Now, it is important to analyze the new formats, student’s expectations, and success guarantees.

What is Active Learning?

Most of the students of top engineering colleges are familiar to the format of the classrooms lectures. A professor presents materials using a chalkboard or presentation slides and students take notes. Students perform problem sets as homework. Later throughout the course, they assessed using exams.

The active learning approach allows students to learn the course materials through reading or recorded lectures have done as homework. In addition, the time in the BTech classroom have used for the application of the theory learned as preparation for the active learning classroom.

A typical classroom session with active learning consists of one or two topics or different modules of active learning. In each module, the professor will assign to the class something. For instance, a problem related to the topic material can be covered as homework. The class will be decomposed into small groups with a size of 3-6 students. Each group will formulate a different solution to the assigned problem by discussing amongst themselves appropriate approaches.

Instead of lecturing, the instructor will rotate through the classroom by discussing solution approaches with each group. At the end of an analysis period, the instructor will call on each group to describe them the results of their work. Results has compared and showed. Also, insights to the problem solving have discovered and shared with the entire class. This process repeats with variations and recap at the conclusion of the BTech classroom session.

Benefits of active learning

There are several benefits of active learning including:

  • Students of Best B Tech Collegebecome engaged in the learning process and application of concepts. Also, they must be aware and present in the classroom rather than as scribes of lecture material.
  • Students receive more individual attention as the time of the professor is spent interacting with small groups and with individual students in instruction tailored to their needs. These instructions can be done to the level of individuals instead of to the average level of the whole class.
  • There is evidence that this teaching paradigm leads to better knowledge retention and generally it is more fun.

Tips for active learning ?????

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Process of Lateral Entry in Bachelor of Technology

Lateral Entry in B Tech In today’s competitive and modern world, the Bachelor of Technology or B Tech is the most preferred course among the youth. This professional degree course enables them to represent themselves on international platforms. B Tech is an undergraduate four years academic degree course. In today’s time, every aspirant wishes to get a degree in science and technology engineering. So these graduation courses have a high value attached to it. Basically, it is the booming development of the IT industry. It will allow students for maximum exposure in the application and industry while comparing to the normal graduation courses. The lateral entry in the B Tech courses is one of the important technical options for students. There are many colleges in India to pursue engineering. Through this course, you can get direct entry in the second year of engineering graduation. You will get quality learning experiences in the chosen fields and get success. It will allow them to pursue different programs even from the second year of the various Engineering Colleges in India. Meaning of lateral entry in B Tech A candidate with a diploma in engineering can avail of a lateral entry program in order to get direct admission in the second year or third semester of required or chosen B Tech program. For instance, if you have completed your diploma in mechanical engineering, then you can join the third semester in the Best Engineering College by using a lateral entry program. Also, it enables BSC graduates to make use of B Tech. Lateral admission process. Difference between B Tech LE and Regular B Tech On the basis of education, there is no big difference between regular B Tech and lateral B Tech. The minor difference in both is the time duration only. B Tech lateral entry program took 3 years to complete graduation while a regular B Tech degree takes 4 years to pursue engineering from a Top Engineering College in India. So, after the completion of their diploma courses, an engineering aspirant can immediately take their admission in bachelor of technology program. If you wish to become engineering and could not be able to recognize your interest on time, then B Tech Lateral option is best for you. Take the admission in B Tech LE after completing your diploma courses. Lateral entry is considered with different engineering specializations including mining engineering, software engineering, marine engineering, petroleum engineering, etc. The course path for both is quite different whether it is the admission process or the course preparation. Eligibility criteria in engineering lateral entry ????? To read continue with ARYA COLLEGE